How to Quiet the mind for sleep

How to quiet the mind for sleep

Have you ever wondered why your mind explodes with chatter when you are trying to sleep? Ever wonder how to quiet your mind so you can just sleep? If this is a problem you face don’t feel alone, many people have this same problem every night. All day long your brain is processing new information. … Read more

Why People Nap-This is how to

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Ever think a nap was not for you? You should reconsider and I’ll show you why. Have you ever felt tired during the day and noticed your work performance depreciating as your eyelids become heavier? Maybe perhaps you and your coworkers are taking turns yawning waiting for the coffee to finish brewing after lunch. If … Read more

What Are Sleep Stages – why they’re important

Did you know there are four stages of sleep, each one serving a different purpose? So if you believe that you go to bed at night and fall asleep remaining inactive throughout the night, It may be evident that you are not fully aware of the whole picture. Let’s take a look at what happens … Read more

Effects of Sleep Deprivation – Health


Sleep is important when it comes to physical health. Regular poor sleep can cause some serious health conditions. These include heart problems, high blood pressure, which affects your blood sugar levels, obesity, diabetes, and more. Increased health care, decreased productivity, the reduction of our life expectancy, and our day-to-day well-being, Data analysis from three different sleep studies … Read more

What is the Sleep Deprivation – Acute

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My bed is a magical place, it’s where I suddenly remember everything I was supposed to do today! Acute sleep deprivation is also known as sleep insufficiency or sleeplessness. It is the condition of not getting the proper amount of sleep that your body requires to support alertness, performance, and health. In my case, it’s … Read more