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Life in a quiet little town by the river here in the state of Nebraska can be quite nice compared to the chaotic and loud life of large towns and cities. Here things are more laid back and we all get to enjoy the quality of life and even stop to smell the roses when we wish, go for walks through the woods in our back yard, and go fishing whenever we wish at the river which is about 2oo yards away from the homestead. Yep life is good! Oh ya, by the way my name is Stacy, and I would like to welcome you to my quite little corner of the internet. I’m 56 years old, married to my best friend and love of my life. Together we have 4 children all grown and 6 lovely grand kids that keep life interesting.

I have struggled with sleep deprivation for most of my adult life…

With life being so good as I described in my introduction one would be led to believe that I should always be well rested and just happy and go lucky but this just isn’t necessarily the case as there is still that thing everyone could do without called job stress caused by the bosses expectations, long hours and the list can go on and on. So much of the week is spent working that it leaves little time to enjoy the good things in life which has always caused me to make compromises so I could do the things I wanted to do in my life away from the job and the main compromise was usually sleep.

I never really gave it much thought because most people I know do the very same thing so it always seemed to be the normal thing to do. But now that I am older it gets harder and harder to continue on this destructive lifestyle. Often times I would hear people say ” I’ll sleep when I’m dead, ” and I would laugh because I knew exactly what people meant when they said these words and even I have allowed those prideful and manly words of dedication to escape my own lips a time or two or three or four, Like I believed I was Iron man or something.

Another problem I had was an overactive brain always thinking always talking blah blah blah, and  It seems as though my brain would wait until that very moment my head hit the pillow and then it would explode with every day problems whether it is problems on the job, financial worries etc. Or the dreaded playback of moments that happened many years ago and are not even relevant anymore. But remind me it will, stirring my emotions and keeping me wide awake.

As I have grown older the lifestyle I have been living has gotten harder and harder on my body and now a days I feel the damage  and I’m pretty sure that many of my readers can relate to what I am saying here but yet many continue to live this way unaware of what can happen to them if they continue. I have looked intensely into the subject and study of sleep deprivation and it can get kind of scary once you realize what it can really do to a person.

Why I want to help people

So I have decided to begin blogging on this subject and  informing those that will listen and hopefully change the minds and attitudes of my audience because sharing this information can save a lot of people from making the same mistakes I and many others have made through the years and stop people from continuing to hurt themselves and allow you all to lead much happier and productive lives.

My Goal here is to Help and Inform

Ultimately my goal is to help those of you that suffer from sleep deprivation through information that I have gathered in my studies on how to battle and conquer this ugly beast. The more informed we are on the subject the better our chances of victory! You all should Remember the old saying, and by the way was also my old high school class moto, ”  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER !”

If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me or just drop them in the comment box and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Stacy G

e. admin@sleepaffectsyourhealth.com

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